Terms and Conditions – Terms and Conditions for the Website Mieterlux.de

Valid from October 26, 2019

  1. Applicable area

1.1 The following General Terms and Conditions of Use apply to the use of the website Mieterlux.de and contain the essential rules for the use of the online service Mieterlux.de provided by Delt GmbH.

The headquarters of Delt GmbH are located in Industriestr. 46 in 63150 Heusenstamm and is represented by the managing director Ignas Ambrazevicius. Telephone: +49 (0) 61 04 77 517 20 Fax: +49 (0) 61 04 77 51 7 21 E-mail: info@de-lt.eu

1.2 Other terms and conditions for use do not apply and therefore have no significance for the use of Mieterlux.de. Providers of rental property or services on Mieterlux.de have their own general terms and conditions or are covered by the German Civil Code as private individuals. By using Mieterlux.de, the terms and conditions of Mieterlux.de are recognized and accepted by the user.

  1. Subject

2.1 Mieterlux.de is an online platform in which users can act and act as landlords of rental property and services and/or as tenants. Providers and users of offers are further referred to as users in these GTC.

The rental goods and services offered must be legal in the Federal Republic of Germany and not contradict good morals. The Mieterlux.de website is aimed exclusively at users within the Federal Republic of Germany. The place of jurisdiction for Mieterlux.de is Offenbach/Main.

Mieterlux.de does not charge or receive any fees, grants or payments for the provision of the Platform. There are no hidden costs that would be due to Mieterlux.de.

The purpose of the platform is to mediate contacts between users of the platform. Mieterlux.de does not offer the rental goods or services itself, but acts solely as a contact mediating party. Accordingly, Mieterlux.de will not actively intervene ins the relationship between the users of the platform, so it is not a contracting party. Only the users of Mieterlux.de negotiate contracts, which may result in the conclusion of a transaction between them.

Within the terms and conditions of Mieterlux.de, users are all legal and natural persons, but also associations of persons. If these users access the service of Mieterlux.de and a contract is concluded between the users, the gtC of the offering user shall, if he has such, attack.

  1. Use of our service, registration & user account

3.1 The general use of the Mieterlux.de service can be used without opening an account. Registration or opening of an account is generally optional and not mandatory. However, there are certain features where registration is essential. The registration obligation also applies to all users who wish to act as providers of rental goods or services.

3.2 With the registration or use of the Mieterlux.de service, a user contract is created between the user and Mieterlux.de, which deals with the aforementioned services. Setting up a user account and the entire registration process are free of charge for users. Limited persons and minors are prohibited from using the Platform and the Service. User accounts are non-transferable and only one account is allowed per person or company.

3.3 Users are obliged to act carefully when opening the account and to provide the data required for enquiries in full and correctly. In addition, users must fill in the required information truthfully. In the event of a change in personal or business data, the user must adapt and update the data already collected. If this is not possible for any reason, the user must inform Mieterlux.de immediately and provide information about the changes.

3.4 If the registration form is sent, the user agrees to the terms and conditions of Mieterlux.de explicate. The same applies when an offer is made on the platform. In addition, he assures that, in accordance with the information in clause 3.2, he is not excluded from the use of Mieterlux.de. Mieterlux.de, however, reserves the right to refuse to register a user without giving reasons.

3.5 If a successful registration occurs, Mieterlux.de thus unlocks the account, the user receives a corresponding e-mail. This e-mail is used to confirm the account for the user and contains not only a code but also important information and information for use. In order to activate and activate the account, the user must follow the instructions and click on the link in the email. Only after this step is the account actually activated.

3.6 When registering an account, the user must create and set a username and password (hereinafter referred to as “access data”). When choosing the username, care must be taken to ensure that no name is used that infringes the rights of third parties. This refers specifically to license plate and name rights. Also prohibited are names that violate good morals. The user undertakes to keep the data protected for access. The transfer of access data to third parties is also prohibited. If the access data is lost or if there is a suspicion that the access data are used by a third party without authorization, the user must inform Mieterlux.de immediately.

3.7 The user may receive and agree to emails from Mieterlux.de at irregular intervals.

3.8 Mieterlux.de is entitled to immediately suspend the user account in the following situations:

– Where untrue information was provided at the time of opening the account.

– In case of loss of access data or suspicion of misuse.

– In case of violation of the terms and conditions of Mieterlux.de.

– For other reasons that affect the relationship of trust between Mieterlux.de and the user.

If a user’s account is suspended, they may not log in again and open a new account. Only after a written consent of Mieterlux is this possible again.

  1. User reviews and reviews

4.1 After the end of a transaction, users have the opportunity to evaluate the contractual partner and the execution of the contract and to prepare a review. The entire review is anonymous, only the first name and the first letter of the surname are displayed.

4.2 The reviews serve to give the user the opportunity to communicate his experiences from a contract and to make it accessible to other users. Mieterlux.de is not obligated to review the reviews and any comments and reviews. Users alone are responsible for the accuracy and legality of their entries in the comments. This also applies to legal consequences that arise from a review, comment or review. Mieterlux.de is entitled but not obligated to change or delete the reviews, including comments and reviews. Each user agrees by his or her agreement to the terms and conditions of Mieterlux.de and obliges to comply with the current legal provisions in the case of reviews, reviews and comments. Furthermore, the user agrees to make only comments with factually true information. Use of the evaluation system with improper intent is not permitted. The user undertakes to act within the meaning of these GtC when creating and publishing reviews, comments and reviews.

Each user undertakes to comply with the following provisions in the course of the reviews, comments and reviews:

  • To provide your personal data truthfully and not to pretend a foreign identity.
  • Not to denigrate, threaten or harass any unauthorized persons or landlords.
  • Do not publish slander, insults, untruths, false information or insults.
  • Do not post comments with inappropriate or factually incorrect information.

4.3 Mieterlux.de reserves the right to edit, delete or publish reviews, comments and reviews at any time after a prior review, without giving reasons that led to editing or deletion.

  1. Execution of contracts between users of Mieterlux.de

5.1 If interested, the user may send a request for an agreement of a rental contract or a service via the contact form or by means of the contact types specified by the provider. This request is non-binding and will only be forwarded from Mieterlux.de to the provider. The conclusion of a contract is subject to the users, Mieterlux.de is not involved in any way.

5.2 A contract for a rental item or service is concluded exclusively between the users of Mieterlux.de. For this contract, the terms and conditions of Mieterlux.de do not apply, but the contractual terms ( GTC ) of the provider of a rental item or service, provided that the latter has its own GTC.

5.3 The information on the rented goods and /or services is provided by the respective provider. Mieterlux.de has no influence on this and is not liable and responsible for incorrect or incomplete information.

5.4 Mieterlux.de always strives to prevent the use of the Service for fraudulent purposes. Unfortunately, it cannot be guaranteed that abuse cannot occur in individual cases. For this reason, we recommend that all users check and critically check the identity and reputation of potential contractors. Mieterlux.de cannot carry out a corresponding verification of the users and is not liable in the event of maladministration of the Mieterlux.de website.

  1. Use of personal data

6.1 The personal data obtained precisely during the use of the service by Mieterlux.de and in the exchange of contacts may only be used for the purposes of exchanging and exething a rental contract. In particular, the use of the collected data for advertising purposes is strictly prohibited.

  1. Contract length and termination

7.1 The registration of the users with Mieterlux.de runs for an unlimited period and can be cancelled at any time by the users and terminated in the form of a termination. Cancellation can be made in writing by e-mail or via personal settings.

7.2 Mieterlux.de may terminate a user’s registration, taking into account a time limit of two weeks. Cancellation can be made in writing by e-mail or via personal settings.

7.3 The right of extraordinary termination is not affected.

7.4 Termination of the registration of users has no consequences for the effectiveness of already concluded contracts.

7.5 Reviews, comments and reviews may remain on the Platform after termination, provided that the user expressly waives an explicit deletion. It is at the discretion of Mieterlux.de whether the reviews, comments and reviews of former users remain visible, even if the user has waived deletion.

  1. Liability

8.1 Mieterlux.de is a platform on which users and providers meet and conclude independent and independent legal transactions. Mieterlux.de shall not be liable for any damages resulting from these legal transactions. Mieterlux.de is not a contractual partner in these transactions between third parties.

Mieterlux.de shall not be liable for any damage caused by Mieterlux.de personnel or vicarious agents. The place of jurisdiction is Offenbach / Main .

  1. Adjustments to the General Terms and Conditions of Use

9.1 Mieterlux reserves the right to amend or supplement the General Terms and Conditions of Use at any time. This mainly concerns the situation when additional functions are added to the platform. If there is a planned change to the terms of use, users and providers will receive an e-mail no later than 14 days before the entry into force of the changed terms of use. This will be indicated to the e-mail address provided by users and providers during registration. If the user does not object to the changes within these two weeks, the changes shall be deemed to be accepted. Mieterlux.de declares to inform users and providers of the possibility of opposition.

9.2 If the changes are revoked in due time and form, the contractual relationship shall be continued on the basis of the old conditions. In such a situation, however, Mieterlux reserves the right to terminate the existing contract.

9.3 A change in the terms of use with the explicit consent of the user is possible at any time.